68 Sherry Conquer Mountain Afadjato With Travel Time Africa

On 30th July, 2019 we travelled to the Volta Region to visit one of the biggest and challenging tourist site that was Mountain Afadjato the tallest mountain in Ghana it’s summit is 885 metres (2,904 ft)above sea level.

The mountain is located at Hohoe the closest tour site was the Tagbo falls and Wli falls the highest water fall in Ghana. On our way we made stop at the Adome bridge and took pictures in Akosombo which was constructed in the year 1957 by William Brown. The journey was about five hours to  Mountain Afadjato. Irene began to complain about how bad and far the trip was from Accra to Mountain Afadjato. It takes about two hours to climb the Mountain depending on the travellers climbing the mountain but we spent five hours for  both climbing and descending. The mountain has been cut into stages which one has to pass through all these stages before you can get to your destination.

Sherry who was the oldest among the travellers that’s sixty eight  years old (68) was able to climb to the top of the mountain and descended successfully, she never gave up, she had sweet Mordecai beside her who encourage her not to give up. Angela fell down twice whiles she was climbing and Saka from travel time Africa as well.


We took pictures on top of the mountain and Sherry was dancing on top of the mountain because she had made it to the top. The most difficult part was when we were descending from the mountain  because it had drizzled and grounds had become slippery. We got back to Accra late in the evening but we were happy that our travellers were able to climb the tallest mountain in Ghana. Sherry said I AM COMING BACK HERE AT 99 YEARS. all the best Sherry.


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