The Ultimate Tips & Tricks To Rock As a First-Time Solo Traveler

Hey lovely people! This is Carly Licernia Jarrah over here. Today I’ll love to share with you few things to keep in mind if you’re trying to go ‘solo’ on your upcoming trip.

Are you traveling alone for the first time? Are you on your way to become a solo-traveler? Kinda feel daunting right? or probably scared to travel for the first time on your own maybe, especially if you usually travel in groups or with family and friends. You might be asking yourself some or more of these questions: Will I be safe where I am going? How much I am going to spend on food and accommodation? Are the people of the city or country I’m going to friendly or hostile? Will I be able to speak their language or not? The questions goes on and on……

You’re definitely not alone in this! Some people are so fearless and confident they just plan, wake up, pack their stuffs and boom! they’re on their way to their trip and no plan on coming back home soon. As the D-day begins, feelings of excitement fill their hearts.

If you are about to embark on your first trip as a solo-traveler, congrats to you! It’s such a bold step you’ll never regret in your entire life. You know what? It can even become your lifestyle. You’ll never get worried travelling alone anymore, it’ll actually turn into an excitement for you.

Okay so now, have with you some fruity juice or a gentle wine beside you as you follow along with these beautiful tips and tricks to keep in your mind as I’ll be sharing them with you!

The Ultimate Tips & Tricks To Rock As a First-Time Solo Traveler


Always remember traveling alone is never scary as you probably thought

You might start feeling anxious or scared for the first time in the night before your departure. You could even say something like : Is that even worth it? Or should I even stop going and wait to travel with friends and families? Such feelings are normal, but you’ll be glad you did and soon enough, you’ll get used to it. Some people feel homesick at times and so can you feel the same. Nevertheless, you will miss out a lot if you didn’t try at all. Yes! that will also mean you stepped out of your comfort zone right?


You Won’t feel lonely as you thought

Did you know that along the way, you can meet friends or even make friends who could change everything? They might even think of joining you on your next trip probably! If you’re an introverted person like me, being a solo-traveler can make you an approachable person than traveling in groups or with friends. Book an affordable hostel, hotel or guest house for your stay, and chill while alone in your room. To get great deals on affordable hotels, guest house or hostel, Travel Time Africa can be a great help to you! Always remember that.


Traveling alone = ultimate freedom

You are the master of your schedule here!

Don’t really feel like going to the restaurant and would rather go to the nearest shopping mall to the other the whole day? That’s up to you! Feel like spending the day in the safari watching beautiful and wild animals to brighten your day? That’s your choice! Feeling like passing by the nearest pizza shop and spend the entire day without going anywhere? Your choice! Saw a beautiful lady and invited you for lunch and would love to spend the day at the café talking to her? Oh boy, it’s up to you! … and so on


Don’t pay attention to the negative ones!

It’s something you would definitely encounter. Some people might try to scare you, telling you travelling alone is scary or dangerous or whatever because in their eyes, that’s how it looks like. Trust me these same negative people who tell you that have even never tried it themselves but heard elsewhere.


Pack light when going solo

Pack light when planning to set off. Taking too much stuffs will only wear you down or stress you out. Take all the things you’ll JUST NEED. If you’re a woman, you don’t have to take with you all the makeup in your closet. Take with you just some few ones for a light facial coverage. Forget about the “you never know, maybe I might need these”! Of course, you wouldn’t need them 🙂 You might even be able to get other amazing stuffs there on your destination.


Arriving 5 hours to the airport is very cool

Better early & safe than sorry. You’ll be glad you did.


Be always alert and smart!

Mind you, not everyone out there is hurting people. Be friendly. Don’t be afraid to talk to people or even ask for help. While doing so, remember to pay attention to your surroundings, to people’s body language and their speech too.

All trust your gut or feeing and make sure you wouldn’t do things that you don’t do back home. Walking alone in the night. Smoking or getting drank walking, accepting a drink from someone you don’t trust, and so on..


Talk to the local people out there

Feel free talking to the local people even asking them for recommendations on where to get the best street foods or the best pizza joint, Feel free to ask them questions and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from them.


Local transportation is dope!

Give yourself some local vibes by enjoying some public transportation or public rides. It’s much more affordable and fun at the same time.

TIP 10:

Dressing appropriately is dope!

Did you know how you dress sends out a message about you to them? Whether good or bad? You might be attracting the wrong people or getting yourself into something you’re not ready for if you dress inappropriately, especially in a country or town you don’t know anyone. Avoid wearing short, tight revealing clothing, or looking sluggish. This might attract you to bad people.

You can research about a place before you visit to know their customs.

Alright so, these awesome and helpful tips should get you all ready and set up for your upcoming solo-trip ever! You know what, before saying bye-bye to this article, please don’t pay attention to the negative vibes and fears out there which might stop you from taking your first step as a solo-traveler.

Always remember this: There’s nothing as amazing than doing the things you were told you can’t do.

Now book that flight! Ready… Set… Go!

Are you already a solo-traveler? Please share with me your adventurous moment. Would love to know about your experiences!

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