What to Expect on Your First Trip to Ghana

Ghana has earned itself a positive reputation among the travel community over the last few years. For many, it is recommended to be the first country to visit on the continent if you’re just starting Africa travel. With its friendly locals, rich culture, historical sites, and popping nightlife, it’s no surprise that this country has earned a top spot on the lists of many travellers. While everyone’s experience in Ghana varies, here are some general things to expect on your first trip to one of Africa’s most hospitable countries.

A Breathe of Fresh Air and Creativity

The creative and entrepreneurial spirit in Ghana is undeniable. Many people based in the country thrive off of owning their own business or trade their talents for profit. If there is a business idea in Ghana someone is eager to execute it. Being in Ghana will allow you to tap into your creative side and get ideas flowing for your own personal ventures. Some of my best ideas have developed from watching other entrepreneurs take their dreams and turn it into a reality. The possibilities are endless in Ghana!

Meeting People from All Over the World

Ghana is always attracting tourists and is home to many expats who have been happy to call the country their new home, especially after the booming Year of Return campaign in 2019. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet many Ghanaians, but individuals from all regions and walks of life. Nigerians, Ivorians, Britons, Australians, and so many more people from around the world are roaming through Ghana with stories they are happy to share. Be open to new connections and people you will meet along the way. 


Ghanaian culture is extensive and a way of life you will be happy you got to experience. Shop for elaborate, colourful, thick African prints then take it to a seamstress for a traditional look. Experience eating traditional local dishes like palm nut soup with banku at a local chop shop. Take a tour of historical sites like the Elmina Castle and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. The culture here is one you will never forget moving forward with your travels. 

For Your Playlist to Be Updated

If you are not already familiar with Afrobeats, a high-energy, style of music the world is becoming more and more acclimated with daily, you are in for a treat! The music in Ghana is a vibe to say the least and played EVERYWHERE. From people dancing in the streets to music booming in restaurants and cafes, make sure you have Shazam downloaded before your arrival and thank me later!

Self Reflection

Ghana has a way of making you deep reflect on all that you want out of life. It could be the slow living or the way people take their time to talk to one another, but many people visit Ghana and leave with a yearning to learn more about themselves and make dramatic life changes. Come with an open heart and ready to take pieces of what you’ve learned here back home.

Now that you know some of what to expect on your first visit to Ghana, let us know what you are most excited to experience once you arrive in the comments below! 

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