3 Regions in Ghana to Visit On Your First Trip

Flying into the Kotoka International Airport, Greater Accra is usually the first region crossed off the lists of travelers. However, you’ll quickly learn that with 16 regions to explore, there is more to Ghana that meets the eye beyond Accra. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands while visiting, here are 3 regions you can take from Accra to spice up your itinerary!


Head up the Eastern region of Ghana for the day in Aburi, known for its surreal views and scenic mountains. Only a 45-minute – 1.5-hour drive from Accra, depending on where you’re coming from, Aburi makes a great getaway from the busyness of Accra for the day in the region if you are limited on time. Start at the well-known Aburi Botanical Gardens and take a stroll through the garden that consists of a variety of diverse plants. The garden is a great place to snap memorable photos, have picnics, or just spend some quiet time with yourself. The Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm is also a great site to add as a stop while in Aburi to learn more about the introduction of cocoa to Ghana. Aburi is a chill, laid-back atmosphere, so feel free to hang out at one of the local chop bars before heading back into the city. The Eastern Region of Ghana is close to Accra and will give you a glimpse of another region of the country without having to go far!

More Things to Do in the Eastern Region:

• Shai Hills

• Akosombo River Dam

• Adomi Bridge


Known for its tropical landscapes and serene beaches, the Volta Region is another region that makes for a great outdoor adventure in Ghana. Whether you’re driving through bridges surrounded by stunning beaches or cruising down empty roads lined with palm trees, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming feeling of peace in the Volta Region. Only 3 hours away from Accra, many people travel to the Volta Region to visit Wli Waterfalls, the highest waterfall in Ghana, but you never know what you’ll see while venturing through the Volta Region.

More Things to Do in the Volta Region:

• Mount Afadja

• Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

• Meet Me There Lodge

• Mount Gemi

• Fort Prinzenstein


The Central Region of Ghana is another contrast to the Greater Accra region that hosts Accra. The region is commonly traveled to via STC Bus or car 3.5 hours away, so head out as early as possible to make the most of your trip. Known for its beachy and historic nature due to its attractions, most first-time visitors in Ghana tend to make their way to the Central Region to visit the Cape Coast Castle. With lots of natural beauty to take in, this region is surely one that should be placed on your list.

More Things to Do in the Central Region:

• Oasis Beach Resort

• Kakum National Park

• Fort Victoria

• Elmina Castle

• Fishing Market

As you explore more of Ghana’s regions, you’ll see and experience how diverse the country is and leave wanting to come back and see even more. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if you have visited any of these regions or plan to visit them on your first trip to Ghana?

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