Wli Waterfalls: All you need to know before taking a tour

I recently took to a trip to the Volta Region of Ghana as part of my #ghanatravels series, and I made it to Wli Waterfalls.

It was such an exciting moment. However, when I got there, I found out things I had no idea about, and wished I did before going.

So for that reason, I decided to put this article together for my first timers, so you can know all the important things before going for the tour. Christmas is around the corner so just incase it’s on your trip list—even if it’s not, you should definitely add it up.

About the falls

Wli Water falls, the highest fall in Ghana and the tallest in West Africa, is one of Ghana’s tourist sites. It is located in the town of Agumatsa in Hohoe, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

When I decided to go for the tour, I had no idea there was going to be a hike to get to it, not to talk of it taking about 6hours of climbing mountains.

Yes, I know waterfalls are in the mountains, but I had thought from the office to the fall was a short walking distance.

First thing I didn’t even know was, there are two waterfalls at Wli. There is the long fall and the short fall and they both take different times to get there.

Getting to the short fall takes at most 1hour 30 minutes, if your walking pace is not fast and at least an hour, if you walk a little quicker.

However, getting to the long fall takes 3hours hike, and I mean real hiking involving climbing mountains to get there, and the same amount of time to get back, which you will need a lot of stamina for.

It could take longer if you keep resting, which you definitely will, if you don’t have the strength to take a hike. Especially if it’s sunny.

So if you decide to go to the long fall, you should prepare for about 8-10 hours with the time to rest, time at the fall, taking pictures and ohh, when coming from the long fall, they take you through to the short as well so all that time involved.

So, you will have to get there as early as possible if you have other things to do or you’re making a return journey. Unless you decide to sleep over or you are not from a far.

What to go with
Light clothing

Because I had no idea the amount of walking we will be doing and the bushes/forest we will be passing through to get to the fall, I went there wearing the slipper I took for my trip.

Though, because I decided to go for the short fall the walk was manageable, I would have needed a sneaker to keep my feet safe from insects and other things. So, make sure you are in a good pair of sneaker or boots, especially for the hike to the long fall.

My slipper actually tore. Lucky for me, it was at the end of the walk.

Wear light clothing because, when it’s hot, you might be tempted to remove your clothes if you are wearing something a little heavy lol. But revealing outfits like tan tops or sleeveless might not be advisable as well; you know, some insets bite.

Don’t forget to take water along especially if you are going to the long fall. You will need it a lot. Especially if it’s sunny.


For locals, the rate for the short fall is GH15 and GH25 for foreigners, and for the long fall, it’s GH50 for locals and GH60 for foreigners

PS: This rate may differ on special occasions. And, this rate is at the time I went there in the year this article is published. It may change after awhile. So if you are reading this more than a year later, do call to find out first.

Contact them for details or rates on 0247 641 005.

As usual, since it a tourist site, they will give you a tour guide. But though it may not be a force, and after the tour, you have to tip him something just for appreciation. You know, for his time and energy. it’s no easy thing walking to those falls, especially the long one.

The fall

It is the most beautiful, awesome, magnificent thing ever. I think everyone should see a waterfall at least once in their lifetime. It was amazing (this video don’t even do justice to the view).

Once you are at the fall, you will forget the walk lol— well for the short fall for me. I dont know about the long fall. Though the guys who went for the long one said they didnt think it was worth the hours long walk lol. But hey, the adventure and the experience is what counts so go for it.

Also, waterfalls normally pour out in their most beautiful view during rainy seasons. It had rained when we went so it was amazing.

I will definitely take a trip back there and maybe, just maybe, decide to go see the long fall if the adrenaline sets in lol.  But even if I don’t go for the long one, I won’t mind going to see the short one. I will so love to see it again.


We went on this trip with our own ride but if you are not, and you would want a bus for probably a group trip, you can reach out to Travel Time Africa to rent a bus.

Contact them via this link… Car Rental Page

So there, all the important things no one tells you about taking a tour to Wli Waterfalls. I hope this article was helpful.

Have you been to Wli Waterfalls before? Did you know all this before going or you were met with the facts there? Was this article useful? Let me know in the comments.

PS: I will be sharing my full journey to the fall on my YouTube channel soon so SUBSCRIBE to JemiKrisVlog so you don’t miss it.

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