Top 5 Best Restaurant In Accra, Ghana

Are you on your next trip to Ghana and would love to taste some of our outstanding and delicious dishes? Ghana is as flooded with tourist as it’s flooded with water. In other words, authentic foods can be hard to find. Travel Time Africa guides have built this list of the top 5 best restaurant you could find in Accra, Ghana.

I’m sharing a list of my favorites restaurants and where you can find the best local, African, European, Asian or simply put, inter-continental foods in Accra, Ghana.

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Buka is currently located few meters away from the popular Oxford Street at Osu. BUKA Restaurant, one of the best restaurant to have an amazing and unforgettable dishes and luxurious experiences in Accra.

Established in 2003 by prominent TV personality and host, Audrey Selormey, “BUKA as it is popularly referred to, was set up to cater especially for the middle- income business community and the discerning international traveler. For years now, Buka Restaurant has transformed into a bigger and stunning brand that is widely patronized by many Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans and of course, Ghanaians.

This exquisite restaurant is built with classy wooden architecture design which gives it a true African natural look. For those who have been there before can confirm that once you enter into the restaurant, you are treated to a warm reception from an amazingly polite array of waiters and waitresses.

From a wide range of African, European or inter-continental dishes, you can freely choose to go for either Ghanaian, Togolese, Ivorian and Nigerian dishes that will satisfy your taste. How about that delicious plate of Jollof  rice, WaakyeBanku and Tilapia, Fufu with Groundnut soup, Yam and Kontomire Stew, Tuo Zaafi or perhaps, go beyond Ghanaian dishes and opt for a hot steamy bowl of Eba with Egusi or Okra Stew. There is also a well-stocked bar for drinks and a good sized open-air grilling area.

Aside the restaurant service, Buka offers contract and outside catering which is presently viewed as a major area of growth and expansion.

Haven heard just a little sneak peak of Buka restaurant, I’m sure you would love it .

2. La Chaumiere

Are you the type who has always been obsessed with French delicacies? Look no further! La Chaumiere has got you covered.

La Chaumiere’s enlightened French dishes have been catering to Accra’s discerning diners for more than a decade. It offers varieties of North African goodies for good measure – dishes such as grouper with harissa and mint yoghurt – but the main delicacy stuff is French cuisine, from a crispy niçoise salad to a wonderfully thick and sticky onion soup au gratin. It’s popular with visiting dignitaries.

No matter how highly competitive these restaurants have come to be, La Chaumière remains one of Accra’s best and fanciest French restaurants. It excels in old-school elegance, with soft romantic lighting, polished wooden floors, classical music and delicious French fusion.. La Chaumière is renowned for its steaks but there is plenty of seafood on the menu too, as well as the odd North African flavor.

3. Sandbox Beach Club

Okay so guys let’s talk about having fun, clubbing, dining, taking photos and videos and stuffs while feeling the beautiful breeze and waves of the sea. well said, Sandbox is a great one- for -all beach lovers. Located at South Labadi Estates, it has a state-of-the-art beach resort that gives visitors so much fun, a romantic getaway and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. For an amazing dance experience and fun time, Sandbox is also visitors’ best bet for the weekend. Sandbox is purposely for events or occasions.

Sunshine days and the pool is sparkling! Sandbox Beach Club comes alive 🙂 They have one of the most iconic beaches with a Mediterranean feel, great architecture, and the best view of the Atlantic ocean for your enjoyment, relaxation and elevation. Not only does it sit on the prettiest beaches in Ghana, this beach club has its own private  villa-like cabanas spacious enough to accommodate family and friends for a beach hang out. 

Sundays are party time, with a younger crowd savoring the beats laid down by DJs, and beautiful people in the purest mood for celebration. Sandbox is the perfect place to live it up and make timeless memories.
Come to Sandbox and enjoy some breathtaking live band performances and amazing trills. They have a delivery menu consisting of  delicious salads, pastas, and desserts.

4. Brasa Restaurant

I guess you may have already noticed how much I love food! How obsessed I am with trying different cuisines and always ready to try out new places and dishes. When I personally visited Accra, I was fortunate enough to try different restaurants and one of them comes BRASA restaurant!

Experience Accra’s unique open grill concept – BRASA. Brasa’s food scene is diverse and just incredible! You’ll find fine dining, trendy dishes and desserts, juices, and more, which makes it the perfect place for special occasions, brunch or a night out. Their lively atmosphere brings a colorful edge to your dining experience. The main attraction, the open grill, serves up straight-from-the-fire skewers and seafood accompanied by fresh vegetables, inter-continental, signature dishes and more. You’ll Sit back and relax to classic lounge melodies while you watch your meals being freshly prepared on a coal-fired grill and enjoy bold African flavors.

Brasa chefs bring diversity and inspirations from around the globe showcasing fresh take on hold traditions. Be prepared to expect noting but the best types of grilled meats, seafoods, unique ingredients, fresh drinks and cocktails and more… Your visit to Brasa will definitely be an exceptional one!

Why don’t you start planning your next visit to Accra, Ghana for this awesome experience at BRASA!

5. Papa Cuisine

Have you heard of Papa cuisine? It is a small cozy restaurant situated inside Alliance Française, Accra. They serve local and variety of inter-continental meals for lunch and dinner. Papa cuisine is considered to be one of the best places travelers love to visit. Their mouth-watering dishes is one of the stuffs that keep visitors coming! Have you heard of their coconut lime rice? It’s well known to be visitors number one choice along with any sauce they have. What about their chicken coconut curry? It’s one of the top list of their menu. Everyone would love to try, including you! They have a reasonable price list and have special prices for the students at the language school there. Think that’s really nice of them to think about the students.

The waitresses are very nice, friendly and welcoming . For me this is one of the most important thing at any place. The space is spacious and sitting area under a shed with fresh air. Just absolutely love everything about this place. It’s really worth trying. Another thing to be very sure of is, they are also supporting fresh organic food stuffs because they always order from an organic farmer.


Hey there! I’m Jarrah Carly Licernia, writer for Travel Time Africa, one of the best tour agencies in West Africa. Make sure to stay safe during this pandemic to protect yourself and those around you. Your loved ones!

xoxo, Carly

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